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Let's make spending management fun và simple. Get Money Lover to better control and plan your budgets, expenses.Managing finance shouldn't be complicated and time-consuming, so Money Lover is the simplest finance application khổng lồ keep traông xã of expense & plan budgets ahead. Download Money Lover today khổng lồ better manage your money, stay on top of budgets and SAVE MONEY for your financial goals. MONEY MANAGER & EXPENSE TRACKERKeep traông xã of your expense, income, debt, bill & payment within few taps on screen. It's quiông xã, simple and fund. You will better understvà where your money comes and goes with easy-to-read reports such as: total expense, total income, spending by each category or pending bills. BUDGET PLANNERLooking for a powerful budgeting app? With Money Lover, you can easily plan budget for your expenses. More than that, the phầm mềm can predict future spending based on your spending history, then give sầu you advice on how to lớn stiông chồng khổng lồ budgets. CONNECT TO BANK ACCOUNTS Link Money Lover to bank accounts & get updates. It helps you update trương mục balance và your expense, income from ngân hàng accounts automatically. See all ngân hàng accounts report in one place, and better control your money. Country supported: Vietnam giới, Thái Lan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India & USA, Hongkong....STAY SECUREEnable you to set up PIN code or Fingerprint on your phone. From our side, we encrypted data with bank-màn chơi security.SYNC ACROSS DEVICESMoney Lover works seamlessly across devices and platforms: di động app, Web và PC. It's so easy to lớn traông chồng your spending and see budgets' reports from everywhere you go.Other features: - Recurring transaction: Set up recurring transactions and bill. Get notification before due date. - Saving Planner: Set up saving goals và keep trachồng your progress lớn save sầu more money up. - Debt: Traông xã your debts & loans và payment và debt collection. - Multiple currency & account supported.- Build-in calculatorPREMIUM FEATUREManage personal finances more effectively và conveniently with premium version:- Remove ads 100%- Create unlimited numbers of Wallets, Budget & Saving plans- Export your data to lớn CSV file- Attach pịcture khổng lồ transactionYou can access to your data, trachồng your money và view your budget, saving from any device you login thank lớn Cloud Syncing. We will store your data in one secure place. --Linked Wallet Subscription We partner with Finsify Hub khổng lồ provide Linked Wallet which enables user to connect & synchronize bank accounts: transactions and tài khoản balance with Money Lover. The service fee is $2.49/ month, $14.49/ 06 month or $19.99/ year through iTunes auto-renew subscription. You will have sầu 3-day Free Trial before subscription is charged khổng lồ your credit card through your iTunes account. You’re not able to lớn cancel subscription during active period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24h before the kết thúc of current period.To manage your subscription, please go lớn hieuvecon.vn ID Account Settings. Privacy và Terms of usehttps://moneylover.me/policy.htmlhttp://u.moneylover.me/finsify-account--Question or Need support? Please gmail to lớn contact

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16 Sept 2021

Version 6.7.0

Thanks for using Money Lover! We regularly update khổng lồ bring you the best experience.Every update of Money Lover phầm mềm includes bug fixes & performance improvements. As new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the tiện ích. If you need any support, please gmail to contact