Cánh Gà Chiên Nước Mắm

Cánh con gà cừu nước mắm nam ngư s are a staple at every Asian tiệc ngọt or potluông chồng. They"re sweet, sour, spicy & glossy perfection, all with the thinnest crunchy coating. Mix up your next các buổi tiệc nhỏ or game day with these Vietnamese fish sauce glazed chicken wings!

If you"re new to fish sauce và a bit intimidated by its pungency, this is the perfect recipe for you. Sugar, garlic, lemon juice và chili turn an intimidating ingredient into a delicious sticky gLaser.

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Vietnamese Fish Sauce Glazed Chicken Wings (Cánh Gà Chiên Nước Mắm): Step-By-Step Instructions

Start by heating up oil in a cast iron skillet or heavy bottomed pot. If you have sầu a deep fryer, set it khổng lồ 350 degrees.


Pat the wings dry and season with garlic powder, salt & pepper. Set aside while you phối the gtia laze.

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Mix fish sauce, water, letháng juice, sugar, garlic and thai chili. If you don"t like spicy food you can skip the pepper, but I highly recommover you put a little bit in! It"s just not the same without the spice.


When the oil is hot, add corn starch khổng lồ the chicken wings và toss to lớn coat. This will be a very thin layer, not quite lượt thích fried chicken batter. If you don"t have a thermometer, you can kiểm tra if your oil is hot by putting a wooden chopstiông xã or spoon in the oil. If you see bubbles, it"s hot.

Fry the wings in batches until golden brown & transfer to lớn a wire rachồng or paper towels khổng lồ drain off the excess oil.

To make the gLaser, for the heat up the fish sauce mixture until it"s thickened và sticky. You"ll know it"s ready when you can drag your spatula through the syrup và it leaves an empty passage in the pan for just a second before filling in again.

Toss the fried chicken wings in the gLaser and serve sầu immediately.


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