Soul fighter


First, a little bit about myself. I'm a HM9 Soul Fighter on Mushin Server (NA), and i've sầu been playing this class since release. I noticed that there isn't a lot of class information on Soul Fighter, so I decided to write this guide. I probably am gonna be leaving a few things out, so I would greatly appreciate any other SFs out there pointing out what i missed for me to add it in.

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Incredibly Flexible

very mobile, many iframes

Easy to lớn play, fun khổng lồ master


depending on build, ping reliant

depending on build, HM skill reliant

Like I said earlier, Soul Fighter is a very flexible, very Smartphone class. our 6 iframes from KFM stance Q/E/SS & FM stance Q/E/SS give us an incredibly long period of invulnerability. KFM stance gives us a lot of presence up cthua và gives us a substantial increase in DPS. FM stance has a wide variety of options for pushing and keeping away enemies, grouping them & shredding through large groups of mobs. It's quite easy lớn tank 3 or 4 people for a very long time in 6v6 given how slippery we can be và the amount of time we get immune to lớn damage. For PvE, it's easy to lớn staông xã skill points into damage and start ripping through everything in less than 5 seconds. For PvP.. purposes, our skills are speccable into a crap ton of cc và continuous damage.

Soul Fighter has three major skill builds that exist: Ice build, Earth build, & Hybrid. the three are all useful for maximizing your damage based on your gear and ping levels. Generally speaking, your KFM stance is specced more for single-target damage and FM stance for AoE damage.


Straight Jab

A reliable source of focus generation specced down either tree in KFM stance. Generally, you want this specced down stage 1 for the best focus generation, T5S1 if you have the HM skill is best. Single target.

Frost Palm

Your FM stance LMB. The only reason it exists is to lớn generate focus in FM stance và help to lớn ani cancel Snowballs. T3S1 for attack speed. Single target.


You get access lớn this skill when you're airborne, it helps when dropping onto mobs in Nexus & Naryu Labyrinth, but generally nobody toàn thân uses it, it doesn't vị enough. No skill speccing. Single target.

Beam Cannon

This is your restrain skill. I don't care if you have your 5-chi skill active, if you have sầu this available use it. It doesn't spec into lớn any trees và yet it does massive damage. Drop everything and break your left mouse button khổng lồ get this skill. Generally as long as you start near the beginning of restrain, you can get 4 casts và if you time it perfectly, you can pull out 5. Single target.


Cobalt Punch/Right Punch

This is your main source of constant DPS. You can spec it down either S1/S2 or S3/S4. generally, S1 và S3 have sầu better DPS for the skill. S3 is generally what people use. I use S4 very situationally, when i'm trying to giảm giá khuyến mãi with huge crowds & FM stance doesn't cut it. S2 is the PvPhường version of Cobalternative text Punch, S1 is the PvE version. Cobalternative text Punch is single target, Right Punch S3 is single target, S4 is AoE

Snowball/Ripple Punch

This, combined with your FM stance V, is your main source of damage. Stage 2 just doesn't giảm giá enough damage, people either spec S1 if you're running Burning Tundra V or S3 (ripple punch) for Whirlpool. Snowball is a targetted AoE skill, Ripple punch is linear AoE 16m.

Awakened Cobalt Punch/Awakened Right Punch

RMB replacement for KFM stance whenever soulburned. We don't get a soulburn skill in FM stance, so if you get soulburned, switch khổng lồ KFM & start spamming. Same as the original RMB but faster, and each hit generates a staông xã of đưa ra.


Breaking Claw/Breeze Kick

Depending on what you spec your RMB in KFM stance inlớn, your main F will change. Breaking Claw couples with Cobalternative text Punch, & it'll be usable every time you crit with Cobalternative text Punch. Single Target. If you spec into lớn Right Punch, you'll get use of Breeze Kichồng. It'll activate every time you land your 2, and is a source of significant damage especially after you get the soul badge. Single Target.

Iron Shoulder

Your main khung of đưa ra generation in KFM stance when not soulburned, and a somewhat significant khung of damage. People usually spec down Stage 1 for maximum damage, Stage 2 just isn't practical enough. Single Target.


Need I say more? When knocked down, dazed, or unconscious, use this khổng lồ escape CC.

Howling Blast

Every time you iframe something và this is off cooldown, it'll be usable. It has varying uses depending on the situation. Generally, you wanna spec it down T3S1 for the extra bỏ ra stack when you iframe something. If you're doing PvP.. or Naksun for example where bloông chồng skills are prominent, speccing into lớn T3S3 is a very good investment because it not only breaks defense, it will also daze. Single Target.

Meteor Strike

Used khổng lồ bring 1 target baông xã to the floor after it gets knocked up, use it whenever someone is rude enough lớn knoông xã something up without need.

Dragon Fist

You get access to lớn this skill whenever you hit your KFM V. When you get it, just hold F và let the DPS numbers go up. Single Target.


If somehow you hit 5 stacks of đưa ra & you're in FM size, try to avoid using this. In PvE especially, the right answer is almost always to switch to lớn KFM form, press 2, press V, and then hold F. The only situation I can think of when you wanna use this is... never in PvE. PvP is a different story. Especially since SF has a whole lot of PvP CC chaining capabilities, this only adds lớn it. Every time you manage to pull out a knockup, you can switch inlớn FM stance & use this, keeping the enemy airborne và giving you even more time lớn phối up the next CC. You don't need lớn spec this skill for maximum effectiveness. Single Target in all situations.

Stance Shift

Standard staple for SF, it lets you switch forms freely on a 6 second cooldown. If you feel an overwhelming desire lớn spec it, it'll give you a little tiny poke of damage when you change stances và it'll bloông chồng approaches. AoE when specced.

Second Wind

This is your panic "Get out of CC" button. Spec it down inlớn T3S1 for general purpose uses và PvP., spec it inlớn T3S3 for Naksun/Citadel. S2 isn't practical.

Elbow Smash

This is the SF counter skill, incredibly flexible but on a long cooldown compared to the actual KFM counter. Spec it down inkhổng lồ T3S1, it gives the shorkiểm tra cooldown and freezes the enemy on a successful counter. This is also a very effective sầu way to break a Naksun counter. Single-target punch, 1 attachồng countered.

I'm leaving Tornavì chưng and Body Kick out because they're incredibly self-explanatory.

Lightning Fist

Your main approach skill & the most reliable way of generating focus in KFM stance. I lượt thích khổng lồ use it on cooldown, especially since I usually spec Right Punch to proc Breeze Kick. Both trees are incredibly viable. Speccing T2S1 nabs you a movement tốc độ up và a staông xã of bleed on the target hit, T2S2 is a PvP. legkết thúc because it stuns on hit. It DOESN'T however apply a joint-attachồng stun (but we don't need that, we have sầu too many). Single target.


Your FM Stance 2, and a very versatile skill. it pushes all enemies hit baông chồng. Spec inlớn T3S2 for PvE, and T3S1 for PvP.. PvE line generates extra focus when you use it, and PvPhường one knocks up the opponent when they're CC'ed. This chains very nicely inkhổng lồ windstorm khổng lồ keep airborne. AoE.

I'm leaving out Somersault Kichồng & Slip Kiông xã because they're incredibly self-explanatory.

Frost Nova/Ice Coil

This is the FM stance 3, and it can be specced inkhổng lồ CC or Damage. Frost Nova (stages 1 & 2) are an AoE daze which affects a 5m radius around you. It's great for PvPhường, especially against classes with an excess of approaches. Ice Coil is a targeted AoE that hits a 5m radius around the target. it's just a big injection of damage, heals you, and can bypass defenses. T3S1 for Daze, or T3S3 for damage. The middle tree inflicts knockdown so it's not anywhere near optimal.

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Ground Ripple

This is a stun/knockdown in KFM stance. Nothing much to be said about this skill. You want it specced to T2S1 for general-purpose use. it's a 5m radius stun from the user. I love sầu khổng lồ spec this skill down into lớn T2S3 whenever I run Asura because it gives me a double knockdown in KFM stance for Iruga's Shadows.

Leg Sweep

A simple knockdown, don't spec this inkhổng lồ anything because it only wastes skill points. Use it as your last CC because knockdowns are easy to lớn escape in PvP.. it's a decent joint-attack skill since it doesn't especially interrupt your combo chain (it can be ani-canceled). 5m semicircle in front of you.

Glacial Beam

This is your favoite CC and you want lớn spec it inkhổng lồ T2S1. it stacks deep wound on the target and applies Joint Attack stun TWICE. this means that you can auto-stun bosses, which is especially important for things lượt thích Yeti, Drill Sergeant, & Iruga Shadows. Single Target.

Rising Dragon Strike

I would have sầu not included this, but it's incredibly key to lớn PvP.. Always use it lớn knochồng up, SS, và then hold F for a quiông chồng airborne. Single Target on a CCed enemy.

Focus Chi

This skill is quite self-explanatory, it stacks 5 stacks of đưa ra. Spec it all the way down the tree for maximum buffs.

Chi Burst

This is your heal skill, one of your specialties. I usually spec it down T3S1 because of the raw heals. The HP pool increase is nice, but it doesn't have the utility of buffs that T3S1 has. Use it on cooldown where buffs are important (like MSP) or use it whenever someone gets low enough that you think they deserve a heal.


This is your resurection skill, và it's what sets you apart. Sure summoners have sầu their cát, but can their cát insta-rez someone with 100% HP? NO! Lotus is hidden behind your heal so if you wanna quiông xã rez someone, spam X until it happens. The only danger is that you wanmãng cầu move sầu to lớn somewhere you won't get hit. The skill IS cancellable if you take damage & it WILL go on cooldown and you WON'T rez your teammates if you get cancelled, so be safe when rezzing.

Self-Defense Chi

This skill is quite helpful when your Q/E/SS are all down, it gives you 5 seconds or 5 hits of iframe time. Spec it into lớn T2S1 for extra healing when you pop it. Generally S2 isn't used because targetting isn't an issue when you can cover more than 20m in a little over 2 seconds.

Kingfist/Frost Storm

This is the brunt of your burst in KFM stance. Use it every single time you can, it'll seriously help out your numbers. For Kingfist, either tree is effective sầu, but the majority of the SF population likes to build T5S1 (yes, the HM Skill) for the extra damage from behind bosses. It's easy lớn get behind bosses và when you do, you can double-cast the skill. For Frost Storm, you only have sầu one tree so spec it all the way down. No restrictions here, so just use it on availability. Kinfist is single-target, Frost storm is a small AoE.

Burning Tundra/Whirlpool

This is the major buffing skill for your damage in FM stance. Spec inlớn Burning Tundra T4S1 if you spec Snowball as your RMB, or spec T4S4 if you specced your RMB as Ripple Punch. This is important for extra damage facilitation. both are 5m radius AoEs centered on the target. Whirlpool will pull all enemies hit to lớn the middle.

I will be leaving out all Q/E skills due khổng lồ their being self-explanatory.


This is your KFM stance SS. Spec the point. It switches you inlớn FM stance whenever you SS in KFM, which is an incredibly effective way of switching without having khổng lồ wait for the tab switch cooldown.

The other SS, FM stance, it just a standard SS.

Like I stated earlier, SF has 3 styles of play: Hybrid, Earth & Ice. Whichever you use depends on what style of play you lượt thích khổng lồ have sầu. Like more mechanic-based, skill-based gameplay? go Earth Build. Like ease of play? go Ice Build. Like a phối of both? Hybrid's your answer.

Either way, all the builds center around a few key concepts & skills (currently catering specifically lớn PvE):

Focus Chi T4S1

Chi Burst T3S1

KFM Backstep T1S1


Glacial Beam T2S1

Lightning Fist T2S1

Displace T3S2

Second Wind T3S1

Howling Blast T3S1

Iron Shoulder T2S1

Elbow Smash T3S1

now that might seem lượt thích almost all of your skill points already, but that's the majority of where your damage comes from anyways. No need khổng lồ fear.

Earth Build centers around ani-cancelling Cobalt Punch with Straight Jab, proccing Breaking Claw và Iron Shoulder whenever possible. When you switch into lớn FM stance, you lay down a Whirlpool, use Displace to start generating focus, and start spamming ripple punch to lớn pull out as much damage as possible. Speccing your LMB as far as it can go down stage 1 will definitely help with focus generation, and having HM LMB will greatly increase your damage output. Whenever you crit with your HM LMB, you get a guranteed on your next hit, which will make sure that your RMB will proc Breaking Claw/Iron Shoulder. HM RMB isn't especially needed, since most of the time you're gonna be using restrain skills on grabbed/phantom-gripped targets anways.

The traditional damage rotation using this build involves animation cancelling. Watch this excellent đoạn phim demonstrating what an SF earth build ani-cancel looks lượt thích.

The full bộ rotation invloves using your RMB to cancel your LMB, using your LMB to cancel your RMB, & then using your F lớn cancel your LMB and repeat: LMB RMB LMB F. You can shorten the combo into LMB RMB F if you want khổng lồ as well, though you thảm bại out on potential crits if you have the HM LMB.

Try lớn avoid switching inkhổng lồ FM stance if your 2, 3 and V aren't off cooldown. WHen you vì switch, though, you wanmãng cầu first get your V down khổng lồ stop your opponent(s) from moving and grouping mobs. Press 3 for an AoE burst, and then 2 for focus, and then start spamming RMB (ripple punch) until you run out of focus. when you hit targets in the Whirlpool, the cast time for your RMB goes down significantly so when you reach max time decrease, you're just kamehameha'ing lượt thích nobody's ever felt the pain. once you run out of focus though, you're screwed so just switch baông chồng lớn kfm stance, press 2 và keep on ani-cancelling. Take a look at this build, Build 1 made for SFs at HM8.

Ice build is more simple on the KFM side, slightly more complex on the FM side. This build is a lot less HM skill-dependent và it's easier lớn complete at a lower level. For Ice build, your core damage comes from Right Punch, Breeze Kiông xã, & an FM stance ani-cancel. KFM stance gameplay becomes extremely easy using Ice build: use 2 on cooldown and as a gap closer, spam F lớn proc any breeze kicks or iron shoulders you get, & spam Right Punch for DPS. It's that easy. Yes, you wanna incorporate your Zs, Vs, and Fs as well but for the most part, all you're doing is standing there, holding RMB.

FM stance is more complex. you wanna spec your Frost Palm into lớn T3S1, Right Punch inlớn T4S3, Snowball into T3S1, & Burning Tundra inlớn T4S1. Take a look at the build, Build 2. The core behind your FM stance is laying down Burning tundra and ani cancelling your LMB and your RMB for as long as you can. it boosts your damage & if you hit LMB-RMB-LMB-RMB... correctly fast enough, you'll proc Burning Tundra again. This is why FM stance Ice build is so effective. you can recast burning tundra up to 2 times, effectively 3 casts of the skill.

Don't lượt thích animation cancelling or ping too high? Wanna ani-cancel the hell out of your gear & brag about your low low ping? build hybrid!

I like to lớn take my hybrid builds in 2 directions, where I go Earth KFM & Ice FM for max animation cancelling saltiness or Ice KFM and Earth FM for the sake of the ultimate click-and-hold build.

For me personally, I lượt thích khổng lồ go full Ice build. It's easier for me to manage my focus this way.

That's all I've sầu got right now, I'll continue to lớn update the guide as I get more feedbaông xã & remember more things. If you have sầu any questions, feel miễn phí to lớn ask in comments or DM me!