Bài luận tiếng anh về volunteer work

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Đoạn văn uống viết về quá trình tự nguyện bằng tiếng Anh

Nằm vào bộ đề luyện viết Tiếng Anh theo chủ thể mang lại trước, tư liệu lí giải phương pháp viết đoạn vnạp năng lượng bởi tiếng Anh về các bước tình nguyện dưới đây bởi vì VnDoc.com học hỏi và đăng cài. 3 Đoạn văn mẫu tiếng Anh viết về quá trình tình nguyện giúp các em hoc sinch tưởng tượng ra biện pháp viết, tự vựng giờ đồng hồ Anh theo chủ thể Volunteer work hiệu quả.

Bạn đang xem: Bài luận tiếng anh về volunteer work

Bài viết số 1: Viết đoạn vnạp năng lượng về Volunteer works in Viet Nam.

Being a volunteer is one of the best things you can vì with your life. It’s a great way to lớn help other people. It’s also very satisfying khổng lồ know that you are not wasting your time và are helping people who need help.Many of us could and should be out there doing voluntary activities of some kind. So many volunteer organizations need extra hands. It really is easy. Just pick up the phone & offer your services.I think too many of us settle into a lazy lifestyle. We just want khổng lồ come trang chủ and watch TV. Life is much more interesting when you’re a volunteer.I’ve sầu found it really opens your eyes to lớn how some people live. It’s sometimes sad to lớn see how the government lets people down, but at least I’m doing my bit.

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Bài viết số 2: Viết 1 đoạn văn uống giờ Anh về your Volunteer works

Being a summer volunteer is one of the good things we can vì chưng in our student time. Instead of wasting our time playing games or wandering with our friends, we can join the Blue Summer chiến dịch at schools. By doing so, we can become young volunteers lớn help people who are in need. I always remember last summer when our volunteer team had been to lớn a poor countryside. That place even lacked of clean water and electrithành phố, while in many other places people are wasting them. After a day of resting, we started khổng lồ clean up the old school together, attended in the project of reconstructing a number of local bridges which funded by donors. We lived in some of the houses of the local people, & we spent time doing house chores, playing, & eating together. Although their lives are lacking of materials, their hearts are full of love sầu & kindness. We helped them with our strength and the ebullient spirit of youth, và in return they took care of us so we could be safe và happy while we were away from trang chủ. After a month and a half, we successfully restored an old school và one bridge, & we built one more small new bridge. These things really helped children at that place had a better educational environment, and people had an easier road to go to lớn work. Local people were very excited with those new constructions, và we promised to lớn come back next summer to lớn bring better things. When the volunteer trip ended, my parents were very happy when I came baông xã trang chính safely. I felt so proud of myself because I could prove sầu that I was a mature person by helping other people. Summer is coming soon, và I cannot wait to lớn be on my next volunteer trip together with my friends.

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Bài viết số 3: Viết đoạn văn giờ Anh về how khổng lồ help community

While I am still in my beautiful years of youth, I choose to live a useful life instead of a lazy one. Many young people just want khổng lồ go home & watch TV, or they love sầu khổng lồ spkết thúc their free time khổng lồ sleep without doing anything else. For me, I decided to become a volunteer in order to lớn help other people with my ability. Last summer, my school volunteer group visited a nursing trang chủ for the elderly artists. When we came, those seniors were very happy because they might see us as their grandchildren. After greeting them, we started khổng lồ clean up the inner house & the yard. We brought out the old broken stuffs then painted the wall in a brighter color. Another group made sure the yard was free of trash and pile of unnecessary things. We also planted a tree in the corner of the yard so people in the nursing home could have some shade on the sunny day. There were about a hundred of us, so we finished all of our tasks in just one day. In the evening, some of the old ladies cooked some delicious dishes for us, and we had a small buổi tiệc nhỏ before we headed trang chính. We give them the presents that we had prepared in advance, và we even performed some of our silly dancing và singing skills. They also prepared a small play for us, & we felt that their passion for art was never faded. We had great time together, & the nursing had a better appearance thanks lớn all of our efforts. When we packed our stuffs khổng lồ go home, the attachment of those seniors even made some of us cry. We promised lớn pay a visit soon khổng lồ bring more happiness & vitality khổng lồ that place. The volunteer trip was beyond my expectation, & I reahieuvecon.vnd that life is only meaningful when I know how to help people around me.

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